Secession Is The Elephant In The Room Amongst Wisconsin Republicans


Earlier this month, the Republican Party of Wisconsin-6th Congressional District held it’s annual caucus like it does each year. But unlike each year, this year a resolution that was passed, has drawn so much attention there is now nationwide scrutiny.  First reported by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist Dan Bice, this resolution put forth by those in the 6th District had a very interesting line in an ever so broad resolution pertaining to the 10th Amendment and State’s Rights.  The controversial line that has been highlighted, was the awareness of a state’s right to secede.

Many local pundits and talk show hosts were immediately aghast of the mentioning of secession.  As if the word itself was an immediate conviction of treason for anyone who simply muttered the word itself.  Immediately, top party officials, including the 6th Congressional District’s own Chair Dan Feyen, called the passage of the resolution a manipulative action conducted by the lunatic fringe faction of the RPW.  Hardly…

The angst and finger pointing has gone as far as to blame – yours truly – for orchestrating this maneuver.  I can guarantee you all, although I DO believe that a State should be able to secede from this Union with the consent of that State’s citizenry, I had no idea whatsoever that this resolution was up for consideration until it was passed and talked about after it’s District’s passage.  To this day, I still do not know who the author of this resolution is. For those who may know, please email me and enlighten my curiosity.  But despite my denial, several in the RPW and on Wisconsin talk radio, are still pointing the finger at me for having some input regarding.  Well I guess as the resident Liberty Champion on the state executive committee, I have already been tried, convicted, and soon to be sentenced in some fashion or another.

But be that as it may, the drums of the Federalists within the Party beat on.

The Resolution Process

For those who are unfamiliar with the procedure of resolutions or resolutions themselves within a political party, allow me to briefly explain.

Resolutions are a formal expression of opinion passed by a Party’s delegation.  Although these resolutions are non-binding, they do set the atmosphere and tone of the Party for the upcoming year.  Once passed at the State Convention, the approved resolutions are published and sent off to the state Party’s elected officials, both on State and Federal levels.

When the State’s Rights resolution was passed by the delegates who reside in the 6th Congressional District, the resolution then moved on for another stage of approval.  That next step in the process is the State Resolution Committee.  The State Resolution Committee is a committee comprised of two representatives from all eight congressional district parties. Once convened, those committee members review all the resolutions that have been submitted by all eight congressional district parties to be consolidated, approved, and/or dismissed.  The resolution which had the line about secession passed the state committee and now is moving on for final delegate approval at the RPW State Convention in Milwaukee, WI. on May 3, 2014.

Why Such A Fuss?

Some are asking why one simple line within a broader resolution is making such a fuss.  I can answer that question in two words… Election year.

With Wisconsin entering into yet another election year, all eyes are on the Gubernatorial Election.  For those of you who haven’t been living under a rock, you know that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is being targeted heavily by the Progressive Left and their surrogate unions… or at least, what is left of them.  This race may be anyone’s race to win unfortunately.  With that being said, many within the Party structure are looking for a polite and non-contentious convention to take place.  They definitely do not want a resolution to pass that will having the Left paint Governor Walker as a traitor to these United States.

Unfortunately with the news of the resolution breaking, what would have been a slight glaze over and probably a simple passage at this year’s convention, now has forced almost a civil war within the RPW.  From the fire initially being set by Left-leaning journalists, only to be flamed higher by our own conservative media heads (Yes you, Charlie Sykes) all eyes will be watching to see if the resolution passes this year’s convention.

Why Is The Word Secession So Voodoo?

That is a hard question to answer.  I guess I will have to chalk it up to the dumbing down of our educational system.  Expect more to come if Common Core is left in place.

The word secession is very reminiscent to the American Civil War.  No, the civil war was not solely fought over slavery, it was fought mainly because several states in the South tried to secede from the Union for multiple reasons.  Let’s just say that those who subscribe to Federalism feel that this act to withdraw from the Union is illegal.  Whereas the State’s Rights crowd feel that this is the final maneuver to repel an over-reaching and tyrannical Federal government when all else fails. Did you hear me?  When all else fails. Touchy as it seems, the word alone paints many who believe in State’s Rights as being drastically obtuse.

Are You Saying We Should Secede?

Absolutely not! We, as a State, should always exhaust everything we, as a state, can do to stop such Federal usurpations currently being conducted by our President and his bureaucratic henchmen.  Secession should ALWAYS be the last line of defense when things become so unimaginable, we can no longer look at ourselves as Americans and especially not as Free Men.

A good friend explained his support of the right to secede this way…

“No one would wants to secede from the Union.  Much like no one wants nuclear war.  But should the United States give up our nuclear arms to avoid such a catastrophe?  No, that would leave us defenseless, just like we should not take the option of secession off the table, as a last line of defense against a possible tyrannical government that may some day come our way.”

Without having to go in-depth at proving how secession is as American as apple pie, I thought I would add this short video to re-explain what every elementary teacher in America should be teaching in their history classes.

What Now?

Now, for the overall benefit of the Republican Party of WI and Governor Walker’s re-election effort, I say that we need to vote down this resolution for now.  Take it up at a later date.  The resolution will not force any elected official to start drafting up secession legislation as a possibility come next session.  But what this resolution has already done – where it has benefited – is that it has opened up discussion.  The pending resolution has allowed us as citizens to re-think the option of secession once again.  Like those who laughed at Ron Paul in 2007 about the dire consequences of the Federal Reserve, this too, will one day will be talked about freely and acceptingly by the general public if times and situations become even more severe than they are right now.

4 thoughts on “Secession Is The Elephant In The Room Amongst Wisconsin Republicans

  1. What homeschool did you graduate from you stupid redneck
    Just because you don’t like an uppity black man as President?
    Go back to your shanty

  2. Can states really do better than the federal gov’t? I was on active duty in Alabama when
    the place was run by George Wallace and Bull Connor and was appalled. I had grown up and been educated in Wisconsin. It used to be a great place.

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